SilverDreamyRose, commonly called Silver, is a voice actress, MMD animator. She is also the best friend of Sage Wainwright. She is the creator of her original fantasy series, Silver Moon. She is also the voice actress of Takara Yumi in Sadistic Passion.

How she and Sage met. Edit

Silver and Sage met on Deviantart where she auditioned as Takara Yumi, as not a lot of people were offered the role. She was hired immediately and send her the screenplay of the pilot. Silver also knew about Sage having trouble finding voice actors to play Usono Kareshi and Oya Dama, so she shared contact information of voice actors (Dark Reaper and PieAnimeOtaku) of the now cancelled MMD series, SHION, which is based on characters from Vocaloid.

Silver and Sage have since then been very supportive of each other: including social tips, personal issues, and helping each other out with making models and voice acting. They also often tease each other and mess around on Skype; although at times, she doesn't take jokes very lightly.

Trivia Edit

  • Silver is a major anime geek and freaks out whenever she hears about when someone hasn't seen a certain anime series. Sage first knew of this when he admitted that he knew very little of Sailor Moon, despite the fact that when he originally voice acted for her show, it was inspired from it.
    • This happened again when he showed her an MMD video (Made by SweetGirl3343) that parodied Attack on Titan. Sage often references these events on his livestreams.
  • Silver is often silent when Sage posts a new video, picture or comment. This often annoys Sage.
  • Silver doesn't drink soda.
  • Although she's not insecure, she doesn't care to do a face reveal. Sage thinks otherwise when she turns eighteen.
  • Sage started inspiring aspects of Silver for her character, Takara Yumi. He also considered having Takara own a puppy (either a gift from Arata or a residing family pet) as a tribute to her dog, who passed away from an unknown illness.
  • Every time she records her lines, she's often a little sick.
  • Sage often compares her voice to online voice actress, Mom0ki/Caitlin Meyers.