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Welcome to the official Wiki of the YouTube Channel, Sage Wainwright Productions! :D Here you will find articles of Sage Wainwright as well as his friends/co-stars, his/his friends' upcoming projects, and more! Make sure you also subscribe to Sage Wainwright Productions and follow them on their social media accounts! :D

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AigaraiAkushitsunaAmai Tenshi
Arata AkumuCrazy Kids (MikuMikuDance Series)Dolly Strawberry
Draven Vincent SamuelsGosu OnnanokoGrace Klaus (Sage's Childhood Crush)
Hitoaji KukyonaKizami HikaruLunar Sky Network
Nurse PinkuPilot (Sadistic Passion)
Romansu ManekiSadistic Passion (MikuMikuDance WebSeries)Sage Wainwright
Sage Wainwright Productions WikiScream Queens: Tropical Island (Sage's FanFiction)Seji Aka
SilverDreamyRoseStab: The Web SeriesTakara Yumi
The Cult of Aigarai
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