"Pilot" AKA "Rekindled Friendships" is the first episode of the MikuMikuDance Supernatural Thriller Series, Sadistic Passion. It premiered on May 21st, 2016, 5 days earlier than expected. It was posted on the official "Sage Wainwright Productions" YouTube Channel in 2 parts.

It was written, produced and directed by Sage Wainwright. It was also the voice acting debut of SEiMEi, who voices Arata Akumu/Black Rabbit.

Synopsis SummarryEdit

"After a murder occurs in a small town in Japan, a teenage girl and her friends decide to get to the bottom of the situation. Meanwhile, and old friend from Takara’s past comes home."

Plot (Original Pilot)Edit

A nurse walking home from a late night shift, discovers a trail of blood that leads to the backyard of a suburban home. She discovers the brutalized corpse of a teenage boy and immediately calls the police.

The next morning, Takara wakes up to her alarm clock, realizing that she has to head to school in a half an hour. While she sprints to school, she briefly introduces herself and explains that she is a lonely girl who has very few friends and dreams of becoming a detective. Takara notices an older teenage boy running in front of her and they collide into each other. The mysterious boy offers to help her up, and she immediately is astonished by his sex appeal. She snaps out of her trance after he asks if she's okay and reluctantly takes his hand. He reminds her that they have to head for school and offers to walk the rest of the way with her, which she agrees but until she asks who he is. The boy is shocked as reveals that he's Arata Akumu, a boy who was close friends with Takara as a kid. She squeals and embraces him.

When they head to school, he reveals that he's been homeschooled since he was 12 and was recently on a summer world tour but didn't have much of a chance to explore it. He seductively admits that he missed her the whole trip. The moment was interrrupted by Usono Kareshi, Takara's pretentious boyfriend and Takara's seat breaks from her shocked reaction. Usono yells at her for being late and goes to lash out at Arata, but he's stopped as Arata gives out a threatening glare at him. Usono then demands Takara to walk to Geometry class with him, which she accepts.