Draven Vincent "DV" Samuels is a main character in the upcoming Black Comedy miniseries, "Crazy Kids". He is a henchmen and member of Donovan's trio of outcasts, The Triple Ds. He's the smartest boy in the group. He is also a senior student of "Sweet Cherry High School".

He will be voiced by Tekunin Megpoid.

Trivia Edit

  • Draven is based on Edd/Double D from the Cartoon Network series, "Ed, Edd n' Eddy.". He's also inspired from Julie Freeman from the 1999 Black Comedy film, Jawbreaker and Julie James from the 1997 Slasher film, "I Know What You Did Last Summer."
  • His name is an homage to the voice actor of Edd/Double D, Sam Vincent.
    • His first name is taken from an fan-made Harry Potter character made by Sage Wainwright, Draven Carter.
  • Sage Wainwright originally intended to voice Draven Vincent since he sounded like Edd but he eventually handed the role to Tekunin as he wanted him to be recognized outside of his character in his other series Sadistic Passion, Shian Atisuto.